Vol. 1: Glossary of Orthodontic Terms, english / Dynamics of Orthodontics


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John Daskalogiannakis
English edition: F. P. G. M. van der Linden / R.-R. Miethke / J. A. Mc Namara, Jr.
Book: Hardcover, 296 Pages, 2.800 Terms, 350 Illustrations
Glossary with CD-ROM for Windows or Macintosh (up to OSX 10.3)
Subject: Orthodontics

The Glossary of Orthodontic Terms is an indispensable source of reference for orthodontists, orthodontic residents and dental students as well as for specialists in related fields of medicine who work in close collaboration with orthodontists. It clearly presents the most commonly used terms and clinically relevant and concise information in a single volume and is the ultimate reference book on current orthodontic knowledge.

The glossary is endorsed by seven associations: