Variety click SP Mini – 8, straight


1 piece

CE 0483 0483 
Monoguided special expansion screw with click feature to prevent unwanted reversing. For the fixed appliance technique. Can be widely used in the upper and lower jaw, for distalization, mesialization of posterior teeth, or for space closure by moving individual teeth. Also for early palatal expansion.
  • optimal screw locking during the active treatment phase
  • especially suitable for very narrow jaws
  • retention legs can be bent very close to the screw body
  • small dimensions with maximum expansion
  • reliable activation/deactivation of the screw with clearly perceptible click after a 1/4 turn
  • break resistant retention legs and stable guidance throughout the entire expansion
  • permanently laser marked arrow on the body of the screw indicates the opening direction and max. expansion
Packs (1 piece / 50 pieces) with 1 safety key, pack (10 pieces) with 10 safety keys.